with a wide angle picture of the elk falls area from lion's head to the cathedrals, the front page of the september 18, 1949 rocky mountain news published the following article. the picture caption reads, "somewhere in the saucer-like area shown in the dotted-line lies the reynolds' illicit treasure -- $63,000 in cash and gold dust."

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the strangest fact of the fabulous reynolds' treasure story is that the hidden money may have already been found.

a story in the rocky mountain news issue of april 27, 1906, tells of this mysterious find near fairplay: "a buried plunder aggregating in value $18,000 was uncovered by two prospectors, sullivan davis and holmes robbins, in an abandoned shaft about three miles from town on the horseshoe road. the treasure is for the most part in gold dust, although some is in paper money.

"the two prospectors had been employed in a mine at horseshoe, but obtained a map purporting to show where the treasure was hidden. six weeks of ceaseless work was finally rewarded with success. the treasure was undoubtedly buried by the reynolds gang of outlaws, a gang of bushwacking confederates that infested this section in the fall of 1864."

the shaft in which the two lucky prospectors found the money fits the description reynolds gave to brown -- but the location does not.

mrs. berg and her husband take a philosphical viewpoint of the whole treasure hunting activities. they watched the gold seekers give up the search for the year when they closed the resort last week.

"but they'll be back," mrs. berg ways, knowingly.

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